Peggy has finished up another successful SCR 101 Course.  We will be updating our school website with Pathways to Connection and how you can be part of these courses or the family of Connected Riding.  Also, go to our testimonial page to see all our wonderful comments now with more coming soon after this wonderful course. 

For More information on Connected Riding, hosting a clinic, participating in a clinic or course or lessons with Peggy contact Stephanie.  Have ideas for a Connected Riding Horse Camp, let us know, we are open to new ideas and changes to help all riders.  

*Can you help our school grow?  Want to pay it forward and help our school horses or fund a rider, please visit our school and consider making a donation as we continue to grow the work and legacy of Connected Riding.  Cannot make a financial contribution, that's okay too!  We are looking for volunteers who can offer us help in looking for grants, writing grants, fundraising ideas, and getting the word out!  Please contact us.

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November & December New Zealand

Peggy is going back to New Zealand - South Auckland at the end of November for a 3 day...

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Private Lessons with Peggy

Peggy does do private lessons for individuals who would like them.  Please contact if you are interested in...

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Sign Up for a Clinic

Check out our calendar.  Be sure to sign up for our current clinics posted as soon as you can. ...

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We love our dedicated and highly skilled instructions. Each day we feature a different instructor.

Karen Wolf

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Host a Clinic

There is no better way to share in the joy of Connected Riding than to host a Riding Clinic Event.

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Connected Riding® foundation courses 101 &  102, provide context, theory, and practice in Connected movement for riders, Connected groundwork for horses, and the basic elements of riding.

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Connect with Your horse from the Saddle

Are you ready to reach a new level of riding?  Peggy Cummings’ book brings forward and clarifies all of...

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Connected Riding: An Introduction

Connected Riding: An Introduction can be your first step to dancing with your horse. Based on biomechanics of movement,...

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Learn from Peggy

We have put together a number of helpful demos of Peggy's workshops so you can see what she has to offer. Click on any image to view the video or see all videos.

Rave Reviews from Connected Riding Workshop Participants Around the World

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...pearls of wisdom

Thanks Peggy for the fantastic clinic with all the pearls of wisdom you installed in us in NZ. Today I went for a 3 hr forest and beach ride and used all my new skills that I learnt over the last 5 days. Lots and lots of rotation, soft knee's, straight wrists, soft back, I let my arches down, open knees, wiggle one leg for 3 to 5 strides, then the other, toes to the back of the foot, but best of all was the hands together, pushing the air up/forward and over combined with rotation........,what a surprise, my horse softened, unlocked his right side more than he ever has especially when anxious, plus was responsive and light to ride.........I can hear you Peggy, saying with your lovely smile, REALLY?! lol So thank you very much, plus I am sure Tai thanks you too!

- Katrina Whittle