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Peggy does offer private one on one lessons, semi-private and group lessons.Peggy currently travels to Canada, Europe and all over...

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We love our dedicated and highly skilled instructions. Each day we feature a different instructor.

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Connected Riding® foundation 100 level courses provide context, theory, and practice in Connected movement for riders, Connected groundwork for horses, and the basic elements of riding.

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We have put together a number of helpful demos of Peggy's workshops so you can see what she has to offer. Click on any image to view the video or see all videos.

Rave Reviews from Connected Riding Workshop Participants Around the World

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...I am very grateful to these master instructors - Peggy, Diane, and Jillian

He's 15 and his name is Bentley. He's a largish bay TB cross, and he's been with me since he was 5. Even at the beginning of our time together, Bentley was a bit skittish, clumsy, disliked grooming or bumping into things, and he carried his tail to the left. We've all known horses that were rideable while still being a little bit off, so everything seemed normal and we did a lot of riding together. Then a local barn introduced Bentley and I to a new program (to us) focused on the biomechanics of riding and how the posture and bracing of horse and rider can create profound unsoundness. I started working closely with Connected Riding Senior Instructors Diane Sept and Jillian Kreinbring and began to see my horse with new eyes. As I worked with them on my posture, I was able to see the changes in Bentley's. Over time, I also found opportunities to work with Peggy Cummings, and started to see deeper into these concepts. At the beginning of this journey, the vet had examined Bentley and did not find real unsoundness. I know now that had I not started on the Connected Riding journey, today Bentley would likely not be rideable without being in pain. A bonus for me: my own riding is now more secure. I had ridden QHs my whole life before Bentley, and they took care that I stayed on. Bentley has no such interest, and when he would spook, I would tumble off. Now, although he rarely spooks, when he does it's very dramatic because it takes something big. And I am able to just ride it because I stay in neutral posture and, without bracing, my body just follows his. We can then pick up where we left off, safely and without further drama. Also now he has developed muscling everywhere, his back is in good shape, and he carries his tail straight - which means his spine is straighter as he moves. He's less spooky, more tolerant of grooming, and overall a happier partner ready to go to work. I am very grateful to these master instructors - Peggy, Diane, and Jillian - for helping me find my way to healthier riding that benefits both Bentley and me. Thanks to you all!

- Robin G.