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have changed me for the better dramatically as a rider
have changed me for the better dramatically as a rider

Hello. I wanted to shoot Peggy an email. I rode with you all at the Maryland Expo, the things I learned that weekend have changed me for the better dramatically as a rider… I also rode with Peggy in Virginia this Spring.
I just came in from a wonderful ride on my gelding Ranger and had to write to you! I am on cloud 9 with the way he has been responding to my new riding skills. Peggy got me to discover a way to release my back while riding. I had been struggling to achieve a soft and relaxed back and with the ideas Peggy shared with me I am now able to do this every ride! The response from my horse is just amazing...
I first heard about Connected Riding through Diane Sept. I can honestly say Diane has improved my riding more than any trainer I had ever worked with before.
Now getting to work with Peggy. I feel like I am on the path I have been searching for…So thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all!!!

July 2015

--Linda Lee-Bower
I am very grateful to these master instructors - Peggy, Diane, and Jillian
I am very grateful to these master instructors - Peggy, Diane, and Jillian

He's 15 and his name is Bentley. He's a largish bay TB cross, and he's been with me since he was 5. Even at the beginning of our time together, Bentley was a bit skittish, clumsy, disliked grooming or bumping into things, and he carried his tail to the left. We've all known horses that were rideable while still being a little bit off, so everything seemed normal and we did a lot of riding together. Then a local barn introduced Bentley and I to a new program (to us) focused on the biomechanics of riding and how the posture and bracing of horse and rider can create profound unsoundness. I started working closely with Connected Riding Senior Instructors Diane Sept and Jillian Kreinbring and began to see my horse with new eyes. As I worked with them on my posture, I was able to see the changes in Bentley's. Over time, I also found opportunities to work with Peggy Cummings, and started to see deeper into these concepts. At the beginning of this journey, the vet had examined Bentley and did not find real unsoundness. I know now that had I not started on the Connected Riding journey, today Bentley would likely not be rideable without being in pain. A bonus for me: my own riding is now more secure. I had ridden QHs my whole life before Bentley, and they took care that I stayed on. Bentley has no such interest, and when he would spook, I would tumble off. Now, although he rarely spooks, when he does it's very dramatic because it takes something big. And I am able to just ride it because I stay in neutral posture and, without bracing, my body just follows his. We can then pick up where we left off, safely and without further drama. Also now he has developed muscling everywhere, his back is in good shape, and he carries his tail straight - which means his spine is straighter as he moves. He's less spooky, more tolerant of grooming, and overall a happier partner ready to go to work. I am very grateful to these master instructors - Peggy, Diane, and Jillian - for helping me find my way to healthier riding that benefits both Bentley and me. Thanks to you all!

--Robin G.
I can really tell that you put an extraordinary amount of time and thought in w
I can really tell that you put an extraordinary amount of time and thought in w

Peggy, I attended your clinic over Memorial Day weekend in Virginia. I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information. I practice neutral posture and breathing everyday (throughout the day, ie at work, etc), it has really helped with sciatic pain and has been crucial in recovery from a recent fall + kick-in-the-back on a new green horse (greener than I realized, LOL!). I am slowly, but persistantly making my way through the connected groundwork exercises in your book and wanted to leave some feedback. First, I think the book is exeptionallly well-written, very logical step-by-step, well laid out and organized, plus the pictures of each exercise really help (I am a visual learner). I can really tell that you put an extraordinary amount of time and thought in writing this guide and it shows! I am amazed at the adrenalize release/relaxation that comes after such seemingly simple exercies -- my new green (and tense, braced neck arabian) yawned 12 times after just 'catepillar' and shoulder delineation! Thank you-- and I hope to attend one of your clinics again or connect with my local instructors this fall.

July 2015

--Sherry Blenden
I feel so very excited
I feel so very excited

Well, where do I start? Just wanted to say thank you Cat Wilton from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful four days with you and the gang. You created such a great atmosphere which really was supportive and encouraging the learning process. And thank you for the help and support you gave to Mr B and myself.
I feel so very excited to finally have found a system that I can use - ie bodywork, groundwork and up in the saddle. I gave Mr B (and myself) a day off yesterday but I shall go up to the yard this afternoon and start 'playing with it' as Peggy suggests.

--Sarah Jones
I had an amazing weekend with my horses
I had an amazing weekend with my horses

It was wonderful to meet Peggy and it was an honor to being able to spend
three days with her working with horses. What better way is there to
spend your time?!? I don¹t know any.
I had an amazing weekend with my horses. I so enjoyed having the focused
time with them but also getting a glimpse of what their potential truly
is. And then watching all the other horses and their humans.
There was a lot to observe, to feel, to try, to improve and refine, to
experiment with and get deeper into. I think the most impressive to me
was the change I have witnessed over these three days not only in my
horses but in every horse that participated.
The comfort you could see with every horse as they learned how to use
their body more effectively, to shift weight and to free up muscles that
used to be tense and tight, in some cases for years.
If there are two main things that really got stuck in my mind that is to
focus 75% on myself and 25% on my horse, and you telling me after my ride with Tosca on Sunday that my horse looked happy. That is the biggest
compliment one can get. I want to be the best I can be for my horses and
you certainly helped me big time to get a little closer to that goal.
Thank you so much!
Canada Clinic
September 2014

I keep coming back to connected riding
I keep coming back to connected riding

Alara and I are doing fabulous with our new riding skills! So many new pieces to the puzzle! I do believe I have told you this before but if not, you as a trainer have changed my riding for the better more than any single person ever has. I can now also say that about Peggy… I so want to be a part of Connected riding, I keep coming back to connected riding, I always get such wonderful tools and ways to improve and become more connected

Linda Lee Bower, PA
January 2015

--Linda Lee Bower

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