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most importantly how powerful Peggy's groundwork exercises
most importantly how powerful Peggy's groundwork exercises

Spent a few hours yesterday with Peggy Cummings, Judy Good, Carolyn Libby, and Rhonda Hockett at Carolyn's farm. We worked with a mare with some soundness and movement issues and a two year old filly. Both horses presented us with lots of opportunities to learn.

We had many opportunities for questions and time to discuss. One take away was a better feel for recognizing some body issues and ways we can correct them form the body workers perspective, and most importantly how powerful Peggy's groundwork exercises are and how they alone can make a huge difference. We must continue to think of ways to diplomatically encourage our students to consistently utilize the ground work to improve their horses.

I also noticed how important it is that the horses can move in a way that the sequence in the footfalls is correct before we ask for more push from behind.

Great day of sharing and wonderful comraderie. Looking forward to our next play date in 3 weeks.

June 2015

--Karen Cheeke
October 9-11 clinic
October 9-11 clinic

Never having done groundwork it was truly amazing to see the results a few soft hand placements on the horse's head could bring. Even more amazing was that I could execute direction with minimal effort after being shown these techniques! Many thanks for a very valuable and fun weekend!

--Melanie Gnad
pearls of wisdom
pearls of wisdom

Thanks Peggy for the fantastic clinic with all the pearls of wisdom you installed in us in NZ. Today I went for a 3 hr forest and beach ride and used all my new skills that I learnt over the last 5 days. Lots and lots of rotation, soft knee's, straight wrists, soft back, I let my arches down, open knees, wiggle one leg for 3 to 5 strides, then the other, toes to the back of the foot, but best of all was the hands together, pushing the air up/forward and over combined with rotation........,what a surprise, my horse softened, unlocked his right side more than he ever has especially when anxious, plus was responsive and light to ride.........I can hear you Peggy, saying with your lovely smile, REALLY?! lol So thank you very much, plus I am sure Tai thanks you too!

--Katrina Whittle
Peggy made a difference in my life
Peggy made a difference in my life

Peggy is doing much needed work. There
is a lot of garbage out there dressed up as how to work with a horse. I deal
with it a lot in my communication work. Horses so confused and people who
want to do the right thing, they are just getting bad instruction.

We are too quick to criticize and not as good at the letting people know they
made a difference in our life. I want Peggy to know she made a difference in
my life.

--Sandy Lagno
She really is a maestro
She really is a maestro

Somerset rocked the Connected Riding Clinic. It was awesome!! Peggy as always has an innate ability to draw out of people exactly what is needed in the moment which makes them and the horse feel amazing. She really is a maestro. All horses and riders left with a smile and a more balanced body. Ever grateful and inspired xx

--Catherine Wilton
Simply life changing information.
Simply life changing information.

Audited Peggy's clinic at Larry Whitesell's this weekend. So exciting to see horses change and connect when riders were shown how to find neutral. Also learned exercises on the ground and in the saddle to help horse use his body correctly. Simply life changing information.

May 2015

--Linda Smith