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Simply life changing information.
Simply life changing information.

Audited Peggy's clinic at Larry Whitesell's this weekend. So exciting to see horses change and connect when riders were shown how to find neutral. Also learned exercises on the ground and in the saddle to help horse use his body correctly. Simply life changing information.

May 2015

--Linda Smith
Spectacular ride tonight
Spectacular ride tonight

Spectacular ride tonight - you know how when you hear a new word and someone uses it in a sentence you 'get it'.... Riding with Peggy Cummings and Natural Solutions by Anke and Connected Riding® I learned how to stay out of the frozen fetal position that has been my go to whenever I get scared riding. I hold my breath, I freeze and hope to heck that whatever is happening gets over with fast and I live through it. Anything scary - I freeze - those if you who have ridden with me over the years know this and have tried time and time again to get my over it... Last weekend I learned a different way to sit in the saddle, I learned to march my thighs in tiny steps with my horse, I learned to hug with my lower leg and to quicken the marching with the speed of my horse and to quicken my lower leg to keep my horse moving through something. Hard to explain. Rode in the woods tonight - even cantered - through the woods... had to get past a pissed off momma goose.... deal with Preston bursting in and out of the bushes and the river.... and then we cantered across a freshly plowed and disced field that was smooth as butter.... I felt so successful after that ride! It was amazing.

--Kim VanDrisse
thank you for all your wonderful work with horses and their humans
thank you for all your wonderful work with horses and their humans

I just wanted to write and say thank you for all your wonderful work with horses and their humans and, in particular, to thank you for some of the things you have shown to me: Neutral pelvis, never cross your legs! Wiggle wiggle (lifting the heel- which I practice whilst washing up) drawing the bow, the beetroot cabbage recipe (which I think should go on your newsletter 😋) and your great book Connecting... from the Ground.

--Natalie B
Things are even  better
Things are even better

Hi Peggy and everyone else. I am not sure if this ok to post here, delete if not ok but I just wanted to share my riding experience after a connected riding clinic. I went to my 2nd connected riding clinic in Feb in NZ with Peggy. I haven't had lessons in the past, I don't compete, I want to stay safe and enjoy my horse. I am a happy hacker, love riding out beach forrest and at home. I went to the clinic with the goal to learn how to "unlock" my 10yr SB who when uptight, braces and becomes very stiff and has as much bend as a plank of wood!, especially on his Right rein. ).....anyway. At the clinic I learnt so many new tool's to combat this challenge, froggy legs, wiggle, rotation, rotation, rotation, minuscule muscle movements in calves, legs, soft back, more rotation, softer back, etc etc etc. Anyway, after the clinic, the next day I went riding at the forest and out onto the west coast beach. Yes, he went stiff and plank-like at times, but I used my new tools, and I ended up with a soft, responsive listening horse :) I was so happy that I could unlock him everytime he braced. Things have got even better. Yesterday I rode at the forest where the dragons live. We were not aware what the dragon was until 20 mins into the ride. We had no idea why my horse and dog were being so difficult. He was at times reluctant to go forward (my Jack Russell was hiding with his tail between his legs and kept running to the back of the group) Turns out, he gun club was having a shooting day at the rifle range that backs on to the forest. Long story short, my horse thought he was going to die, however, he NEVER braced and become stiff at all! My horse remained soft and responsive, he was exceptionally anxious, he was trembling, quivering, sweating and snorting, but no bracing!!!! He lead out, on a soft rein, listening to me the whole time, he was a star. I made sure I had a soft back, rotation, movement in my hips, softer back, minuscule movement in my legs, more rotation, toe to the heal, wiggle, arch of my foot to the ground, still soft back and rotation etc etc. THANK-YOU Peggy, I had a great day on my lovely Tai. My brain was tired as I concentrated on hearing your voice.....but I was so thrilled with the result, we had a great ride when we got away form the gun club ......just I had to share. :) THANKS

--Katrina Whittle
Thrilled to Learn the Tools
Thrilled to Learn the Tools

I attended a 3 day Connected Riding clinic this past weekend with my 3 geldings ranging from age 25 to 7. I was stuck in a different place with each of them and was looking for help to move forward in their training.

All the horses that attended the clinic became calmer as we learned to help them release the tension in their bodies. I was thrilled to learn the tools to help my horses to a better posture. My 25 year old quarter horse who had been a heeler in his previous life learned how to bend. My 13 year old quarter horse who could not stop without raising his head in the air like a giraffe can now stop softly with a beautiful head carriage. My 7 year old Rocky Mountain horse gained confidence from learning to stand balanced on all four legs.

Peggy’s teaching is filled with positive energy and good dollop of humor, it is a pleasure to be taught and watch as she works with others. I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend and am looking forward to the next clinic .


--Marilyn Watson
Unique tools & techniques & perspectives she offers are priceless
Unique tools & techniques & perspectives she offers are priceless

There are so many things I appreciate about Peggy's clinics. The unique tools & techniques & perspectives she offers are priceless. Since my very first Connected Riding experience I remain deeply impressed by the respectful & supportive learning environment she provides--for horse & human alike. Peggy is a rare & authentic teacher, giving students whatever each of us needs in order to grasp the quite literally life changing information she has to share. I thank you, Peggy!

--Luann Hickey

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