Jillian R. Kreinbring, Texas, U.S.A.

Jillian R. Kreinbring, Texas, U.S.A. | Instructors

JK Inspired LLC
Cedar Creek, TX, U.S.A.

Jillian about Connected Riding

"In my lifetime of working with horses I was aware of how my mental and physical states affected the horse, but made no real use of that information. With Connected Riding and Groundwork I was given permission to make that reciprocity central to the relationship. It was also a hugely different way for me to experience my own body as a rider. All of this was a paradigm shift in the way that I looked at horses, and because it was such a different way of experiencing horses, it led me on this incredible journey of discovery to learn absolutely all that I can about them, and to advocate for their well-being."

What Jillian offers in her program

Ongoing courses and lecture series on equine biomechanics and anatomy. Teaches the 'why' of Connected riding and groundwork from the perspective of the movement and function of the horse. One-on- one riding and groundwork intensives and a limited number of horses in training. Developing young riding horses.

Connected Riding teaching and training preferences

One-on-one, Connected Groundwork and in hand work with horses, horses in training, lectures on horse biomechanics, groundwork demos, assisting at horse expos. Small group clinics. Will travel internationally.

Professional credentials

Connected Riding Instructor
Has worked with Peggy since 2005
Member of the IALHA (International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association).
Master of Science from University of Wisconsin Madison in Life Sciences, for development of conformation evaluation tool for the musculature of the equine neck.