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Thrilled to Learn the Tools

Thrilled to Learn the Tools | Testimonials

I attended a 3 day Connected Riding clinic this past weekend with my 3 geldings ranging from age 25 to 7. I was stuck in a different place with each of them and was looking for help to move forward in their training.

All the horses that attended the clinic became calmer as we learned to help them release the tension in their bodies. I was thrilled to learn the tools to help my horses to a better posture. My 25 year old quarter horse who had been a heeler in his previous life learned how to bend. My 13 year old quarter horse who could not stop without raising his head in the air like a giraffe can now stop softly with a beautiful head carriage. My 7 year old Rocky Mountain horse gained confidence from learning to stand balanced on all four legs.

Peggy’s teaching is filled with positive energy and good dollop of humor, it is a pleasure to be taught and watch as she works with others. I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend and am looking forward to the next clinic .


--Marilyn Watson