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I had an amazing weekend with my horses

I had an amazing weekend with my horses | Testimonials

It was wonderful to meet Peggy and it was an honor to being able to spend
three days with her working with horses. What better way is there to
spend your time?!? I donšt know any.
I had an amazing weekend with my horses. I so enjoyed having the focused
time with them but also getting a glimpse of what their potential truly
is. And then watching all the other horses and their humans.
There was a lot to observe, to feel, to try, to improve and refine, to
experiment with and get deeper into. I think the most impressive to me
was the change I have witnessed over these three days not only in my
horses but in every horse that participated.
The comfort you could see with every horse as they learned how to use
their body more effectively, to shift weight and to free up muscles that
used to be tense and tight, in some cases for years.
If there are two main things that really got stuck in my mind that is to
focus 75% on myself and 25% on my horse, and you telling me after my ride with Tosca on Sunday that my horse looked happy. That is the biggest
compliment one can get. I want to be the best I can be for my horses and
you certainly helped me big time to get a little closer to that goal.
Thank you so much!
Canada Clinic
September 2014