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pearls of wisdom

pearls of wisdom | Testimonials

Thanks Peggy for the fantastic clinic with all the pearls of wisdom you installed in us in NZ. Today I went for a 3 hr forest and beach ride and used all my new skills that I learnt over the last 5 days. Lots and lots of rotation, soft knee's, straight wrists, soft back, I let my arches down, open knees, wiggle one leg for 3 to 5 strides, then the other, toes to the back of the foot, but best of all was the hands together, pushing the air up/forward and over combined with rotation........,what a surprise, my horse softened, unlocked his right side more than he ever has especially when anxious, plus was responsive and light to ride.........I can hear you Peggy, saying with your lovely smile, REALLY?! lol So thank you very much, plus I am sure Tai thanks you too!

--Katrina Whittle