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Comments from instructor workshop

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Dear Peggy and Susan, Thank you so MUCH for inviting me to attend your recent Workshop! I felt so incredibly lucky to be there with such wonderful, dynamic people and instructors! What a great day!During the seminar, I was especially struck by the realization that fewer and fewer people that ride horses, also take care of them day-to-day. As each presenter pointed out in different ways, it is up to those of us that live with, and care for horses, to represent them and their needs as accurately as possible. Horses are being relegated to conveniently fit into humans increasingly busy, fast paced lifestyles. The results can be horses stuck in very unnatural, unhappy situations without any voice at all. The biggest frustration in this is that even well-meaning people can ignorantly treat a horse(s) terribly without even knowing it. I felt like your seminar really opened the door to teachers and instructors to contemplate their/our roles in advocating for horses far beyond the bounds of "riding lessons." Thank you for that.I also really enjoyed the format with indoor presentations followed by a riding demo. All the information that we received in the morning related directly to watching the horse and rider put the information altogether. And the 'before' and 'after' was extraordinary! While the changes seemed so minor as they were embraced... Suddenly, it seemed, the rider went from rocking in a typical businesslike request to "move on!" -- To floating forward quietly, while the horse stretched and pushed off with energy, from her hocks! What a difference!! It was very interesting and inspiring!Beyond the inspiration, as a teacher, my only question would be - is there something specific that I could take back to my students to facilitate embracing this positive motion? I was very inspired - and I'm working on my own "stuff" - but I'm not sure that I feel capable of passing on this information beyond advising anyone to be sure and "take a clinic with Peggy!!" But perhaps that was the point? Sorry if I'm making a "duh!" point.One other thing that I'd like to mention specifically was Julie's incredibly thoughtful gesture of laminating her exercises. It's a small thing - but by laminating them, the message was clearly that these exercises are for sharing!! She clearly expected that they might be posted in a barn and actually DONE in a barn. I thought that was really a cool "can do" kind of message!Thank you, again, for including me in this wonderful day!! Your organization and your practitioners are all so special!! They bring unique and inspired messages to every style of horseman and rider. But most of all, there is such a sense of inclusion and support for everyone and every horse! I especially liked that. No person was too inexperienced, too young, too old, or not 'showy' enough. And every horse was valued. I loved that the horse that you chose for the clinic was a "typical" horse as opposed to a dreamy "show horse" that is hard for most people to relate to. And she did an awesome job of showing that she had so much to show and offer! So, above all -- my favorite thing about your seminar is that the passion and love that you and your practitioners express so abundantly makes everyone feel so incredibly welcome and included. Humans and horses, alike. Thank you most of all, for that! Thank you & Love, Missy