April 2018

April 12 WCTRA April Meeting

650 W. Maple St New Lenox, IL
Contact:Andrea Pletzke
Better Performance, Greater Confidence, a Healthier Happier You! A balanced seat and a balanced horse equal a balanced mind, body and soul. Whatever your discipline, if you are looking for someone who works with you and your horse with empathy, softness and understanding, Anke can help. Said to be a “tough cookie with an extra dose of compassion" Anke will meet you where you are and help you soar to the heights of where you want to be! This meeting will focus on fun! Anke will help you experience the feel of riding without tension or brace, while learning more about the foundations of self carriage for your horse as well as in your own body. We'll practice a few "party tricks" that illustrate being in and out of balance in the human body, as well as gaining better insight on how this may effect your horses overall balance. We'll also pick 1 or 2 lucky riders to ride "Woody", Anke's trusty wooden balancing stand to experience a demonstration of neutral in the saddle. Finally, we'll leave you with confidence tools that you can use "on the fly" as you ride. Anke is a certified Connected Riding Practitioner 2. Her work with horses and their riders is based upon the philosophy of Peggy Cummings’ Connected Groundwork and Riding. Taking into account both the horses and the riders mind body and emotional freedom, Anke helps both bodies move forward with fluidity, free of tension or brace. Your horse will be happier on the ground and under saddle by learning proper movement and impulsion. Riders will learn how to guide their horses using gentle and efficient aids to achieve the correctness and self-carriage required for consistent and proper movement.

April 20-22 Equine Self Expression Workshop 1 with Deb Davies

Birch Tree, MO
Contact:Carissa Sorensen