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April 17th, *Recording Available in Member Content

Keys to Connection

Peggy discusses Keys to Connection – How to connect with your horse.


July 2, Tuesday

Open Zoom Call – Anyone Can Join!

(Open to everyone ~ Please share with a friend, student or rider)


What is unique about Connected riding? 

What does it mean to learn from the inside to the outside? 

How we help release tension patterns in people and horses. 

We synchronizing movement on the ground and in the saddle. What is the difference between liveweight and deadweight? Connection is only possible with liveweight 

What is the difference between biomechanical movement and mechanical movement?

July 30, Tuesday   

Neutral pelvis 

What is the definition? 

Does everyone have neutral pelvis? Why should I learn about this? What is the benefit for my horse if I am in neutral pelvis? 

Practical exercises and self checks 

Sharing experiences: what has been helpful for you, and what gets in your way?

October 23, Wednesday


Why is it so important? 

How can I help myself maintain neutral pelvis, while rotating my body on the ground and in the saddle?

November 20, Wednesday

Connected groundwork

Why do I do ground work? And what is special about Connected Groundwork?

How does the horse learn to let go and find balance?

What advantages does this give me when riding?

December 11, Wednesday

How can I improve my skills without a horse?

(Winter is coming 🙂 )

Exercises on the wooden horse, exercises with a partner, party tricks, self-checks.

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April 17             Wednesday

July 2                 Tuesday – Open Call

July 30              Tuesday

October 23       Wednesday

November 20   Wednesday

December 11   Wednesday

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