About Connected Riding

Connected Riding® is fundamentally different from the traditional riding approaches. It teaches you how to ride from the inside by feeling, to the outside by action.

It provides you with an awareness of body and movement that empowers you to move in harmony with the horse. It’s connection and ultimately that’s what all of us are striving for.

We want a connection that allows us to perform better, to communicate better, and to nurture our personal relationship with our horses.

With years of classical training, riding, teaching and research, Peggy Cummings – founder, author and international clinician – has developed the Connected Riding methods.

The three pillars of Connected Riding

Connected Riding

Connected Riding transforms how we see and feel our horses. Connected Riding changes how we experience and use our bodies as riders. Connection is the dynamic, reciprocal, elastic sensation between horses and riders.

Connected Groundwork

Connected Groundwork supports horses to release tension and bracing patterns while learning how to rebalance themselves in movement. Connected Groundwork is key to enabling our horses to physically and mentally carry us in synchronized motion.

Connected Movement

Connected Movement brings us awareness of our postural habits– our habitual tension patterns as well as our innate ability to be “live weight,“ free to move with our horses, whether on the ground or in the saddle, and in our daily lives, body and soul!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.​"

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