About the School of Connected Riding®

The School of Connected Riding® is an international women-owned non-profit that is a small business with a large mission. Our School offers a method of horseback teaching and riding that supports healthy biomechanics of both horse and rider while teaching riders “feel.” For over 40 years, Peggy Cummings, horsewoman and creator of the Connected Riding method, built her organization from her passion for teaching riders and riding instructors how to synchronize in movement while being free of pain and constriction.

We are a “boutique” business whose success comes from the heart and is supported and carried by many volunteers and donations. CR consists of a small and dedicated team that works together internationally. CR does not own or manage a horse center. Our horses are the horses of our students and teachers around the globe.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, fun, and effective system of transformational learning for both horses and riders guided by these professional values:


Promote self-awareness and self-responsibility
Nurture respect for individual differences and learning processes
Encourage physical, mental, emotional well-being


Support self-exploration, personal growth, discovery, and mastery of Connected Riding


Cultivate teamwork, cooperation, responsibility to group, and win-win process


Accountable to self and others–walking one’s talk
Clear, honest communication– forthcoming
Kind, thoughtful, respectful, professional


Confirm ownership of skills
Challenge learners to reach their full potential
Engender creativity
Share knowledge with others.

Our intention is to live these values and be a positive influence in the horse world. Our goals are to develop the teaching and riding skills of our instructors, expand the curriculum and documentation of the work, and continue spreading Connected Riding to new places worldwide.

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