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Becoming a Member - Connected Riding

Becoming a Member

Connected Riding®  Rider Member

CR Rider Members support Peggy Cummings’ work and use it to enrich their lives and relationships with their horses. They may be newcomers, clinic organizers, hosts, people who have completed the SCR 100 course, bodyworkers, equine professionals, or ongoing CR students, and those who have completed the SCRT 100 instructor education series.

CR Members are champions of CR, they promote and spread the word about the transformative work of CR to others.

Length: Annually

$35.00 per year for Rider Member

Goes to supporting the School of Connected Riding.

CR Members may apply for the instructor training program at any point if interested in teaching this work to others.

Benefits: All new members receive a special welcome package that includes a 5% discount in our online shop on all product but kits/bundles!

Rider Member:
Receive special access to private educational videos and content, added throughout the year.

Please note: A membership can only purchased alone and not in combination with other products!

Becoming a Member

For more information, please contact info@connectedriding.com

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