Certified Instructor Levels

Practicing Instructors in Training (PIT)

A pre-certification status

PITs are people who have committed to the CR instructor certification process and have chosen to follow the Connected Riding® path as distinguished from other certification programs. There is no guarantee because one is a “PIT” that this person will become a certified instructor from attending the CR training courses alone. There are other important factors: CR skill competence, being a team player within the CR certified group, abiding by CR guidelines, communicating reciprocally and openly with organization members, participating in CR continuing education between CR required courses, and committing to ongoing personal and professional growth. It is all of these areas of participation which make this person a candidate for certification. They are required to prepare case studies and prepare themselves for becoming representatives of Connected Riding®.

Connected Riding Certified Instructor Levels

CR Instructor I

CR Instructor I’s are certified to present and teach the foundations of Connected Groundwork® and Connected Riding®. They teach CR entry-level riding and groundwork lessons, small group clinics, and courses. They are in the process of establishing their CR teaching experience and ability to message what, why, and how of Connected Riding®. They regularly teach through the School of Connected Riding as the foundation of their work as a CR Instructor I. They embody the values and concepts of the CR philosophy.

CR Instructor II

CR Instructor II’s have developed more depth and experience in teaching, training, and riding in Connection. They are the mainstays of the organization and for the CR work. They can clearly translate and define the language and methods of Connected Riding as it is presented in all of the Connected Riding publications as well as the latest work being taught throughout the organization. They are actively teaching CR work and courses through the School of Connected Riding. They have demonstrated excellent teaching and interpersonal skills to work with groups of students in lesson and clinic settings. They are adept at doing public CR demonstrations and presentations of the work to small audiences and expos.

CR Instructor III ~ Advanced Instructor

These are the instructors who most embody Connected work and have the ability and desire to carry on this work for Connected Riding and Founder, Peggy Cummings. They shape the future of Connected Riding with Peggy by continuing to develop Connected skills and work with Peggy to develop CR work through CR training levels. They readily showcase the unique qualities of CR by contrasting it with conventional methods of training and instruction.

Path for Certification

The Connected Riding organization acknowledges that many of the people coming into Connected work or who are seeking to become a certified CR representative, bring with them years of work with horses, and/or professional service in the equine (related) industry.  

We honor this expertise; however, it is not to be compared or confused with one’s expertise in Connected work.  One may be a long-time riding instructor, and yet, be a novice in Connected riding and training methods. Only the CR organization can certify CR instructors.

All CR instructors participate in CR continuing education and mentoring to keep their teaching and riding skills current. All instructors and PITS pay an annual dues to the CR member organization.

Instructor Training Program Details

For more information, please contact info@connectedriding.com

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