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The horse is a mirror to my soul
Do you choose to look at the image and go inside
where knowing, feeling, and intuition provide answers?
Or do you look for others to tell you how
you are supposed to know, and feel, and be?

Connected Riding logo

Seeking, Releasing, Allowing, and Traveling Inward

The labyrinth is designed to help us find our way- it has only one path- from the outer edge into the center (of ourselves) and back out again. The labyrinth represents a nonlinear supportive structure that encourages a sense of surrender. This sense of surrender aids in letting go of old unwanted perceptions and patterns.

Becoming Aware, and Realigning Ourselves

Through the act of trusting the path, of giving up conscious control of how things should go and being receptive to our inner state, we can be opened up to a whole new world of possibilities. Somehow this process quiets our deep inner being so that we can hear our own profound wisdom and receive it. In this state we are able to realign ourselves for change. This is where Connection happens.

Applying Our Wisdom in the World

Returning to the outer edge of the labyrinth with our new awareness, alignment, and tools, we integrate our new patterns into our daily lives. The ‘labyrinth experiences’ are cumulative; with each repetition we gain confidence, knowledge and mastery.

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