Connected Riding® Referenzen

My first experience on a Connected Riding clinic was may 2015, knowing only very little at the time I was amazed, thrilled, excited and overwhelmed at how different my horse and myself became in just 3 days. My horse being an ex racer was stuck in so many places and with the continual work that Peggy showed me, I have a nice relaxed horse who is working amazingly.

Also with Peggy showing me how my position could be more effective and with trying hard to ride in the correct position this also helps my horse. After being on 2 clinics with my horse and 1 as an auditor to watch, it’s just an experience I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend a connected riding clinic and with more progress the better my horse is and will be.

Fiona (UK)

Connected Riding gave me the tools on the ground to show Dan how to shift his weight off his forehand, lift his back and feel safe on his front feet. It taught me how to ride effectively with subtlety. It showed me how not to brace when Dan was reacting to something and gave me ways to bring him back to me in those moments. It has transformed Dan from a heavy, bargey boy who could bite and kick and not want to go forward at all into the boy I have now, that I ride bitless and who lifts off his forehand in response to my body. Happy us!!

Cat (UK)

For me and my horse Peter connected riding showed us a new better way of communicating. It makes small but vital adjustments to in hand and ridden work that have helped us become stronger and communicate better. Love it!

Loretta (UK)

I have just returned home from Peggy’s CR Clinic in Monmouth – it was wonderful! And this time I have managed to get my hands on a copy of Connect with your Horse from the Ground, which I have to say is so brilliantly written as to be a fantastic manual for Peggy’s work.

Natalie Brent

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