Peggy Cummings is a transformer: a conductor of information that changes how people ride, how they feel in their bodies, and how they perceive their horses and life in general. She is an innovator: a creator of exercises designed to help horse and human dance together easily, efficiently, and effectively. She is a master rider and teacher, and has the same passion and perseverance for her mission now as when she began it over 40 years ago.

She believed then and now has no doubt that promoting freedom of movement and reciprocity through elastic connection between horse and rider creates the magic of being 'in sync.' It's the memory so many people have of being on a horse as a child. With her Connected Riding Peggy Cummings has found a way of helping anyone recapture that feeling. Peggy teaches worldwide, all the while creating new educational materials for riders, mentoring riding instructors, and supervising the development of Connected Riding horses.