Susan Cook is co-founder and co-owner of Connected Enterprises, Inc. with Peggy Cummings. Susan directs the business on a daily basis while keeping the business moving in the direction of the vision. She is continually looking for ways to grow the business, expand the audience, reach more people and horses with the Connected riding message. Susan collaborates with Peggy to oversee the growth and development of instructors and practitioners, including making sure that they are in alignment with the CEI vision and mission, while Peggy makes sure that they are in alignment with the Connected riding methods. Susan also coordinates the development of Peggy's publications, as well as overall planning for Peggy's engagements.

"I first met Peggy in 1992 when I audited one of her clinics on the East coast. With my background in counseling and teaching, I was astounded to see how Peggy's teaching style was not only changing their riding, but also impacting the riders on a much deeper level. At the end of the clinic, each person was visibly moved by the experience of that weekend. I realized that Peggy and I shared a passion for touching peoples' lives in meaningful and transformative ways. I was amazed how simple it was to reach people through their passion for their horses and riding. I was so enthused, that I wanted to contribute in some way and help Peggy promote her work and share her message. Since then, this work has become my calling and I continue to collaborate with Peggy on visions of how this work will be available as Peggy's legacy for the future.