Instructor Hayley Howells is teaching a 3 Day Connected Riding Clinic. Sutton, NSW, Australia

Date: April 18, 2024 – April 20, 2024


Sherony Park, The Cottage, NSW,
134 Read Rd, Sutton
NSW 2620


Rebecca Booth
0419 003 530




In this 3 day clinic, Hayley Howells Connected Instructor from UK will cover:-

How to easily and consistently find a balanced, neutral seat for riding, exercises both on and off the horse using neutral pelvis.

In-hand exercises to help the horse find a good weight-bearing and functional posture

For new people, you will start with an eyes-closed session to feel how the mechanics of your horse moves their body and you can feel the difference between a neutral pelvis and your regular riding. (you will be led for this session)

Ridden exercises to enhance ‘feel’ and to ride your horse with your body/seat/mind rather than your hands and legs.

For the more experienced we can move it up to work on teaching your horse to step thorough from behind, straightness, balance, transitions, lateral work, etc

Also covered some basic hands-on awareness techniques.

Day 1: Suitable for all levels including absolute newbies to Connected Riding or people who would like a refresh of basic skills. For those more experienced Hayley will tailor your sessions to suit the needs of horse and rider. Everyone will be balanced off the horse first.

Day 2 -3 Suitable for all experience levels

Private lessons may also be available if you have done Connected Riding previously, please ask for more information

Limited to 9 riding places.

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