Becoming an Instructor Seminar Series

Date: April 25, 2024 – September 22, 2023




Bibi Degn
t +49 178 58 33 297


This is a series of seminars that can be booked as a whole. In three seminars of 4 days each (Thu-Sun), participants are first guided through the techniques of the Tellington TTouch Method and the Connected Riding 100 course.  Afterwards, the techniques of the Connected Riding 101 course will be worked on, which Peggy Cummings will continue or complete in the third part of the seminar, depending on the progress of the individual and/or the group.

The seminar venue offers school horses, an indoor arena, a seminar room and stabling for private horses. It is advisable to bring your own horse.

Participation only in the seminar part with Peggy Cummings is possible with appropriate previous knowledge (100 course completed) and in case there are remaining places.

It is intended that the group will continue in 2025 with the Connected Riding training.

25.–28.4.2024 mit Anja Görtzen
18.–21.7.2024 mit Relana Beck

19.–22.9.2024 mit Peggy Cummings
facility: in Ingelheim/Rhein
45 km from Frankfurt Airport

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