Connected Riding 100 Clinic

Date: August 28, 2021 – August 29, 2021


Redbrook Equestrian
Upper Redbrook , Monmouth, NP254LU
United Kingdom


Hayley Howells


Connect Riding 100 Clinic for beginners

This clinic will cover three aspects.

1. Rider awareness- riders practice exercise is to release holding patterns in their body and find a neutral pelvis. When the rider is in neutral it frees them self to move more effectively.
2. Ground work- bringing awareness of holding patterns to your horse. You will learn how to help your horse release tension and find a good weight baring posture through a combination of stationary and moving bodywork exercises.
3. Working in the saddle for the dance. Putting it all together for fluidity and movement together with your horse..
We will be working through the 100 series booklet.
Using easy to learn techniques that will allow both horse and rider to achieve freedom of movement in self carriage. Connected Riding is based on reciprocal connection rather than force, you will learn to use your own body to enhance the performance of your horse.
Ride pain and resistant free and have more fun doing it.

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