Connected Riding lessons

Date: May 8, 2023 – December 23, 2023


Redbrook Equestrian
United Kingdom


Hayley Howells
+44 7785568842


Hayley Howells in South Wales, UK give Connected Riding lessons weekly, teaching private and group lessons throughout the week.

We also give Connected balance lessons on Saracen our amazing Mechanical Simulator Horse. He comes with advanced dressage moves, balance programmes using his 12 sensors to log on screen graphs of your position. You can ride on screen dressage tests and/or go for a ride in the country side, visiting the beach, the zoo the farm and many more cool places. Whilst practicing Neutral pelvis, breathing techniques, draw the bow and many many more Connected techniques.

Please call me to discuss, or book a lesson.

These lessons are on going and have no start and finish dates.

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