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Rave Reviews from Connected Riding Workshop Participants Around the World

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...The horses were so grateful

Dear Peggy,
Thank you again for making it possible that I could participate😊! It was so important for me...

This first course helped me a lot to assess my own performance. I had no idea where I stand due to the very long pause (16 years) of not riding, always being a "Freizeitreiter" 😉 and now having a very difficult horse at home. It gives you sometimes the feeling that you are not good enough to help your horse.
With my mare I started riding this summer after one year of rehabilitation- six months working with Petra from the ground.
I can ride "only" walk for the moment. She is still very traumatized. I can hardly touch her with my legs without risking her to run. She is extremely sensitive and needs balance in order to calm her. She learns now that the only thing I want is her to be relaxed and nothing more. As a former "broken" jumping horse she is always on the run- her old pattern of fear, tension and pressure... In the beginning it felt like sitting on a volcano 😁
Now I can start to ride on my own, can avoid turning tense when she is and when she relaxes I can start using my legs. Wonderful ... Nevertheless, I will order a safety vest😆

I had a deep and trustful mutual connection from the first moment with California and now we enhance it during riding. She tolerates me on her back and I try to help her finding balance and calm. So I am confident that we can find it faster and faster.

And to be able to do that, you helped me a lot! I can find now the neutral much easier: when I stand, walk, sit, ride. And this security helps me a lot and I can transfer it to my mare.
My stirrups are shorter now and the position of my leg (surrounding the belly) is much clearer for me now as well as the position of my elbows and hands. Great!!!! I am much more stable and have the feeling to have now a lot of tools.
I tried out new groundwork exercises and amended "old" ones with a great effect. But I could also see and feel that I have already done a lot of work. That felt good as well.
Aaaand, I liked to be a bull in the china shop when riding Piraz. It was great to have a horse that tolerates the leg so I could experiment a little bit😉 And to feel that I am able to ride and to really understand that it is not easy with my horse. The extent of the way we still have to go is much clearer for me now.
But I do it as I have done it in the past: no rush, trying not to step over the limits, doing constantly one step after another- connected in mutual trust.

You know Shakira Petra's little white mare? I love to ride her and will try to do it on a regular basis in the future. There I felt this dancing first, riding only through thinking and feeling. It gave me goose bumps all over the body. I think my mare will be the same sometime in the future.
This feeling was so wonderful: I want to have more of it and I would like to ride as much horses as possible to try it out!

Thank you Peggy for giving us all your knowledge! The horses were so grateful. I was deeply impressed seeing the effects on them.
I will do my very best to improve and to be able to teach others in the future.
Sorry for the long message!
I send you a hug and hope that you have a wonderful time.

- Caolin S

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