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Peggy does offer private one on one lessons, semi-private and group lessons.Peggy currently travels to Canada, Europe and all over...

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I am interested in hosting my own clinic, course, lesson - CLICK HERE I want to attend Peggy Cummings...

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We love our dedicated and highly skilled instructions. Each day we feature a different instructor.

Sue Falkner-March, Alberta Canada

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Connected Riding® foundation 100 level courses provide context, theory, and practice in Connected movement for riders, Connected groundwork for horses, and the basic elements of riding.

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Connect with Your horse from the Saddle

Are you ready to reach a new riding level? Peggy Cummings' book sums up all the basic concepts and...

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Cavesson Halter

This is a perfect cavesson for horses and handlers who are ready to add this tool after initial work...

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Rave Reviews from Connected Riding Workshop Participants Around the World

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...Spectacular ride tonight

Spectacular ride tonight - you know how when you hear a new word and someone uses it in a sentence you 'get it'.... Riding with Peggy Cummings and Natural Solutions by Anke and Connected Riding® I learned how to stay out of the frozen fetal position that has been my go to whenever I get scared riding. I hold my breath, I freeze and hope to heck that whatever is happening gets over with fast and I live through it. Anything scary - I freeze - those if you who have ridden with me over the years know this and have tried time and time again to get my over it... Last weekend I learned a different way to sit in the saddle, I learned to march my thighs in tiny steps with my horse, I learned to hug with my lower leg and to quicken the marching with the speed of my horse and to quicken my lower leg to keep my horse moving through something. Hard to explain. Rode in the woods tonight - even cantered - through the woods... had to get past a pissed off momma goose.... deal with Preston bursting in and out of the bushes and the river.... and then we cantered across a freshly plowed and disced field that was smooth as butter.... I felt so successful after that ride! It was amazing.

- Kim VanDrisse

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