TTEAM-Connect is the fusion of Connected Riding and the Tellington TTouch Method, combining bodywork, groundwork, and riding exercises to improve posture, function, and awareness for horse and rider.

Both the Tellington TTouch Method and Connected Riding come from a background of Classical horsemanship, human body awareness techniques (Feldenkrais and The Alexander Method), and mutual respect for horse and human. TTEAM-Connect blends these two methods, encouraging freedom of movement, self-carriage, and optimal function, improving overall behavior, performance, and communication.

Incorporating the Tellington TTouch (TTEAM) with Connected Riding principles adds tools to help any horse but especially dysfunctional and difficult horses successfully execute the exercises by breaking down the steps into small enough pieces that tension can be released in the body and bracing patterns can be changed: re-educating the nervous system.

Connected Groundwork takes the Tellington TTouch principles further, helping to build self-carriage, impulsion, and flexibility under saddle as well as on the ground.

In addition to improving the biomechanics of the horse, Connected principles provide an excellent foundation of self-awareness for handlers and riders. Learning to be responsible inside of one's own body makes the bodywork, groundwork, and riding exercises of the Tellington TTouch Method and Connected Riding far more effective and subtle.

These two parallel but diverse methods blend in a nearly seamless fashion. TTEAM-Connect provides horse people with a diverse tool box of exercises and concepts to help their horses, and themselves, achieve harmony and well-being.