Connected Riding® (the corporate name is Connected Enterprises, Inc.– "CEI") is a small business with a large mission— providing a method of horseback riding that supports healthy biomechanics of both horse and rider. We are a business comprised of two owners, Peggy Cummings— creative genius of the Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork methods, clinician, horsewoman, author— and Susan Cook— visionary, maestro of the business, team leader, and life coach.

Susan discovered Peggy and her work in 1992 and was captivated by Peggy's devotion to helping people and horses find transformation. Together, Peggy and Susan formed a corporation, trademarked the research findings, and began sharing this information worldwide.

Because we are a very small business, we depend upon heart and relationships, more than material resources. We do not own or manage a horse center, although we do have a couple of wonderful horses who comprise the home-team equine teaching staff. We have one talented part-time persons crucial to the success of our work: Stephanie Jacobson, our operations and online products manager.  Other services are provided by volunteers, (such as our amazing clinic organizers) or are subcontracted as needed.

Our goals are to continue developing our teaching staff, curriculum, and documentation of the work; to distribute Connected Riding to new places worldwide, and to continue creating multimedia materials, such as books, DVD's, and online learning resources.

Peggy's focus is her ongoing research and the documentation of her work; training teachers in Connected Riding, and continuing to ride and develop horses at home so that those horses can teach riders the feel of connection.

The next phase of our vision is to help the upcoming generation of riders and teachers discover the power and elegance of Connection through Connected Riding and our School of Connected Riding.