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October 2020

October 16-19
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3 Day Clinic Plus Lesson Day with Peggy

3 Day Clinic
Lesson Day 19th
Baker City, OR
Naomi Preston
PH: 541-519-2484

Auditors Welcome


October 23-26
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3 day Clinic & Lesson Day with Peggy
3 Day Clinic with Lesson Day with Peggy
Organizer: Robin Goebel
Address: 601 Lisa Lane, Lusby, MD 20688
Phone: 410-610-5748


October 30-November 2
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3 Day Riding Clinic & Lesson Day with Peggy

Jo AnnMaki-Gamble
1811 W. Overton Rd. Tucson, AZ 85704


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South Africa 2020/2021

Lindy Decker

South Africa