Meet Our Instructors and Practitioners

Peggy Cummings has a passion about positively changing the way riding is usually taught. We have a small group of certified Connected Riding instructors and practitioners who are teaching Connected Riding throughout the world.

We are committed to developing other teachers who wish to use Connected Riding in their programs. The question often arises "how long will it take to become an instructor, or to learn Connected Riding"? That depends on the individual. In order to reach proficiency and eventually, mastery, we believe it takes however long it takes each person to gain the experience they need to have a solid foundation in the work. Each person's process is unique, and it is important to us that each teacher has the tools and competency to be accurate and successful with their Connected Riding work before they are certified.

We offer ongoing training for our certified instructors and practitioners who in turn provide an ongoing support system for our students. Learning from a variety of instructors with different strengths, tools, and personalities serves to broaden and deepen the learning experience for students.

We are committed to our teachers. We believe in their professional integrity, teaching skills, and willingness to develop and deepen their Connected Riding knowledge as they serve the riding community.

Debbie Davies, Missouri & Indiana, U.S.A. Diane Sept, Washington, U.S.A.
Laura Faber-Morris, Montana USA Sue Falkner-March, Alberta Canada
Mandy Pretty, British Columbia, Canada  

These people are proficient in the fundamentals of Connected Groundwork and Riding and are able to demonstrate connection in their groundwork and riding.

This group of practitioners is able to clearly translate and define the language and methods of Connected Riding. They all have excellent teaching and interpersonal skills to work with small groups of students.

"Blue Level" practitioners are certified Connected Groundwork practitioners with tools to offer basic, introductory lessons and mini clinics as orientations to Connected Riding.

"Green Level" practitioners are certified teach Connected work under saddle as well as Connected Groundwork. They can also initiate the process of bringing a horse through on the ground and under saddle.

Robyn Hood, British Columbia, Canada Anke Johnson,  Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Karen Cheeke, Oregon, U.S.A. Judy Good, Oregon, U.S.A.
Hayley Howells Joan Thompson, Oregon, U.S.A.
Cat Wilton German Practitioners
Carlita Picard Germany Anja Görtzen, Germany
Petra Sackschewski Bibi Degn
Bettina Thieme Marina Greither-Geiger
Anika Schluter Sandrina Weller
Silke Tenbruck Europe Practitioners
Melín Farriols, Spain Relana Beck, Central America & Germany
Vanda Oosterhuis, Netherlands