Mandy Pretty, British Columbia, Canada

Mandy Pretty, British Columbia, Canada | Instructors

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Mandy about Connected Riding

"For me, the magic in the work is its awareness and acknowledgment of biomechanics of both horse and rider. The work has given me skills that allow me to look at a rider or a horse, and be able to observe what the obstacles are in terms of bracing patterns and posture, and the tools to provide the rider with ways of getting past their habitual patterns without getting harder or more braced. The results are unparalleled and no clearer than the relieved 'thank-yous' from horses when their riders find "neutral!"

What Mandy's Program Offers

Starting young horses, retraining nervous or difficult horses, gaited horses and the TTEAM method. Mandy combines her TTEAM knowledge with Connected Riding and groundwork skills in teaching and training. Will take horses in training. Large outdoor arena, small covered indoor arena, trails and residential programs, and working-student opportunities.

Connected Riding Teaching Preferences

One-on-one, small groups, lesson and clinic days, group talks, demonstrations, and assisting at horse expos. Will travel internationally.

Professional Credentials

Connected Riding Practitioner 2
TTEAM Practitioner II