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Connected Riding Surcingle

Connected Riding Surcingle | Horse Equipment

For Connected Groundwork and lungeing, made from nylon with a fleece backing, with double-ended snaps and several rings for the lines and velcro keepers for billets.

Peggy first began using this surcingle in 1986 when she was introduced to T.T.E.A.M.. work. Up to that time, she had used conventional methods of long-lining and lungeing horses. Then, after a few years of using the T.T.E.A.M.. method of ground-driving horses, she found she was dissatisfied with what she was observing in typical lungeing practices. She experimented with the surcingle and soft driving lines we use now. She found this line and surcingle combination to offer a light, supportive contact from the ground, allowing the handler to clearly feel the two sides of the horse moving. This surcingle allows the lines to slide smoothly through the rings so when the horse changes the bend, the contact with the handler is easily maintained. Many surcingles do not allow such ease for the handler. For more information order our book, Connect with your horse from the ground up. 

USA Custom hand-made

In Stock: Regular size is 22.5 Long - Up to a 15 h horse

Special Order Sizes:
Medium 30" ~ Up to a 16.2 h horse
Large 42" ~ Any horse over 15.5 h that has an extra large body
*Does not include drop ship charges.
*Takes 2-3 weeks to receive

Connected Riding Surcingle
Price: $80.00
 Regular 22.5"

Connected Riding Surcingle | Horse Equipment Connected Riding Surcingle | Horse Equipment