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T.T.E.A.M.™ Wands

T.T.E.A.M.™ Wands | Horse Equipment

These sturdy wands (imported from Germany) are stiff and well-balanced with a plastic button end. An essential tool for doing Connected Groundwork.  

The longer wands are used for groundwork and the shorter wands are used for riding.

Peggy Says:   I use them for stroking, providing rhythm and creating space. 

*Measurements are from wand end to wand tip, this does not include the tassel, which measures out to about 3.5".*

Available for delivery in the continental United States only.

T.T.E.A.M.™ Wands
Price: $35.00

T.T.E.A.M.™ Wands | Horse Equipment T.T.E.A.M.™ Wands | Horse Equipment