Laura Faber-Morris, Montana USA

Laura Faber-Morris, Montana USA | Instructors

Wholistic Equine LLC

Whitefish, Montana, U.S.A.


Laura about Connected Riding

Connected Riding has provided me with practical, kind, and effective teaching tools and the know-how to enable people to also influence a horse's movement with empathy and understanding about how the horse is meant to move with a rider on it's back. Being part of the Connected Riding team offers me the support of other Connected Professionals that allows us all to be better at what we do.

What Laura offers in her program

Laura provides a wholistic approach to observing, touching, handling, ground-working, and riding horses with empathy and kindness. She teaches people practical ways of  learning to be with horses without judgement as well as how to use their own posture as a positive influence on the horse's balance, behavior and performance. 

Her Kids in Connection program was designed to fill an important niche. Kids are key for positive changes in the horse industry! Kids in Connection instills a way of being with horses through understanding rhythm and balance. Through their work with horses, kids become more aware of the connections between their physical balance, their emotional balance, and feeling empowered.

 Connected Riding/Groundwork and TTEAM is the foundation for teaching children and young adults how to make positive choices when working with, and riding horses. Kids can then relate their successes with horses to their own posture, and awareness of themselves and the horse.

Connected Riding teaching and training preferences

Teaches locally and willing travel. Clinics large or small. Will customize to fit needs.

Professional Credentials

Connected Riding Instructor

Tellington TTouch/TTEAM P2

Masterson Method, MMCP & Coach, BA University of Denver, Co-founder of Wholistic Equine Center, Whitefish MT, Founder of Kids in Connection.