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Cavesson Halter DE

Cavesson Halter DE | German Store

This is a perfect cavesson for horses and handlers who are ready to add this tool after initial work with the Connected Groundwork halter. This cavesson must be correctly fitted on the horse’s face, as does the Connected halter. This is a great “training cavesson” that teaches both horse and handler more finesse in their feel.

**We highly recommend that you consult with a certified Connected Riding® teacher to learn the best way to use this equipment with your horse. Like this and other cavessons, this type of appliance on a horse’s head can apply too much leverage and pressure to the poll, head, and neck, so it is essential that the handler understand how best to use this equipment. Also, it is important to understand when and why it is appropriate for use with a particular horse.

Special Order/Made in Germany - allow time for delivery.

Prices listed are USD

Cavesson Halter DE
Price: $125.00

Cavesson Halter DE | German Store Cavesson Halter DE | German Store