| Connected RiderIn order to become 'Connected riders' in the saddle, it is necessary to have an awareness and understanding of how we move, use our posture, and movement patterns in general. We, like the horses, have unconscious bracing patterns that create discomfort or tension in our daily lives and in our riding. Part of our curriculum entails movement education for riders' bodies. It teaches you to find and feel new postural reference points that enable you to move with less 'work' and resistance. Connection, then, is the point where the body moves fluidly with ease, creating enhanced performance outcomes.

This type of body awareness in motion is beneficial for anyone, from computer workers and athletes, to artistic performers. People typically 'work' at these activities by 'muscling through' with training methods and movement habits that are compressive and restrictive. Learning to move in Connection provides you with tools to improve your postural movement patterns resulting in more power and efficiency– it is where movement is enabled, not forced.

By using non-habitual movement exercises, limitations and stress in the body are noticed, and released. It is then possible to connect one's intent to move with new postural patterns that create fluidity, balance, and strength. These new patterns support the body to perform optimally with ease.