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Proprio Training

Proprio Training | Books/DVDs

The Proprio book gives the horse owner a simple and efficient training system, which is easy and ready to use, with seven carefully explained steps.  In the book, veterinarian and horse chiropractor Heidi Nielsen also guides, you through the physiological aspects and gives you a thorough introduction to the knowledge behind the ProPrio Training system, with pictures and illustrations.

Through ProPrio-Training, your horse achieves a strong core stability, improving it's balance, health and ability to perform.

Heidi Nielsen is a professional veterinarian and animal chiropractor and has also studied physiotherapy, Alexander Technique, acupuncture and osteopathy for horses.

Heidi Nielsen always works from a holistic perspective to ensure the horse's soundness and avoid injuries and training and interruptions. 

Proprio Training
Price: $50.00

Proprio Training | Books/DVDs Proprio Training | Books/DVDs