Equine Practitioners

  • Tellington TTouch Training

    The Tellington Touch method of hands on healing and groundwork for horses, dogs, cats and llamas is helping animals worldwide. It offers everyone a kind, compassionate way to be closer and more connected with animals. Linda Tellington-Jones is truly one of the pioneers in the field of human to animal communication. It is a life changing experience to watch her work.

  • Robyn Hood
    Co-creator of the T.T.E.A.M. with her sister, Linda Tellington-Jones. Robyn is a master teacher and Tteam Clinician, trainer and breeder of Icelandic Horses. She does a fantastic job providing riders with the foundations of Connected Groundwork and riding. She also uses the Connected Groundwork principles in her work with companion animals. Be sure to include a clinic with Robyn on your must-do, list!
  • Ivana Ruddock

    Equine Touch is a hands-on practice based upon the principle of vibrating the soft tissue by performing an Aikido based move over specific points on the body. The results of this technique, which Jock coined the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT) for humans and Equine Touch (ET) for horses.

  • Mary Midkiff
    As the creator and founder of the Women & Horses™ fitness and performance program, Mary D. Midkiff is a professional instructor, clinician, and author. Treat yourself to one of Mary's books.