Anika Schlüter

Anika Schlüter

Anika Schlüter Über Connected Riding

I believe Connected Riding is the best way to achieve dynamic balance between the horse and the rider which can both be seen and felt.

By using this method, numerous aspects of horsemanship can be improved. These include: the skill of the horse and rider, rehabilitation after veterinary treatment, and general health of both old and young horses.

This method is a chance for all horses and their riders to achieve the best possible results and at the same time find better rhythm, ease and elegance!

Was Ihr Programm bietet

  • Connected groundwork
  • Connected riding
  • Rehabilitaion
  • All disciplines, classes, and ages
  • In and around the northwest of Hamburg/Germany

Connected Riding Unterricht

Preferably I would like to give connected riding lessons, 2 day seminars and do rehabilitation work.


  • Connected Riding Trainer 1
  • Trainer B ( FN)
  • Feldenkrais and Riding
  • Remedial teacher
Was Peggy sagt

„I appreciate Anika’s commitment to her learning, as she is continually developing her riding and teaching skills. She does a wonderful job in her work with children, and is a fun and encouraging teacher.“

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