Hayley Howells

Hayley Howells
South Wales
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I have worked with horses for 35 years teaching and training.I have a riding school and over the years I found myself falling out of love with the horse industry. I had become very dissilllusioned with the horse world and the methods the majority of the people and governing bodies were advocating. I found myself searching and looking for something that was different.

Through a friend, I came across TTEAM and was blown away. It was just what I was looking for. Very shortly afterwards, through TTEAM, I came across Connected Riding.

In my first 3 day clinic, I rode every day, pain free for the first time in 10 years and I never looked back! I came home and told all of my clients to forget everything I had ever taught them, that Connected Riding is what we were going to do now. And, luckily enough, they all came with me and joined my journey.

I have also found that this method of learning not only helps on a physical level, but I have found a lot of my clients have found themselves on an emotional journey as well. The results of Connected Riding offers in one session, never cease to amaze me.

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I rehabilitate and retrain horses using Connected Riding and groundwork, along with my TTEAM tools, in both my teaching and training. I teach adults and children offering lessons and one-day workshops and 2-3 day camps. I teach everyone from beginners, nervous riders lacking confidence to very confident and advanced riders who want to get the upper hand when they’re competing.

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Private and group lessons, workshops, clinics, horse training, and teaching travel internationally.


  • Connected Riding Practitioner 1
  • Tellington Touch/TTEAM Practitioner 1
  • ABRSTC Instructor

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