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Judy Good
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Judy Good About Connected Riding

It was when I brought Frankie, a young sickly fearful quarter horse, home from the local rescue that I saw the power of doing Connected work. Each time I asked Frankie to move away from me to work at the end of a line his head would shoot up, eyes get wide, back hollow and his fear level would go up. He would remain a little tense long after our training sessions. So I brought him closer to me to do Connected Groundwork, and he relaxed and remained relaxed long after our sessions together. When I brought the Connected Groundwork into motion he stuck with me like glue, even without a halter on his head. Frankie relaxed so much and progressed so quickly with Connected work that I became a deep believer in its effectiveness.

What My Connected Riding® Program Offers

Judy offers individual lessons, mini-clinics and workshops. It is also Judy’s delight to teach Connected Riding® in weekly sessions by training client horses herself, and answering questions as they arise. In this format progression is often faster for the horses because they are being handled by Judy, and the client learns at a slower more comfortable rate. Judy’s passion is to rescue and foster horses in need of healing and training, and to re-home them with someone who understands the sentient nature of all beings. Judy’s program is also based in Equine Assisted Learning for people, Buddhism, Shamanism and energy healing for horses.

Individual lessons, mini-clinics, workshops and weekly horse training sessions Most of my work is in Linn and Benton Counties, Oregon U.S.A.

  • Connected Riding Practitioner 1
  • Parelli Natural Horsemanship officially passed Level 4 Liberty and Level 4 FreeStyle
  • AANHCP Certified Barefoot Hoof Trimmer
  • Liberated Horsemanship Certified Barefoot Hoof Trimmer
  • Equine Assisted Learning / Equine Self Expression Level 3
  • High Touch Jin Shin Level 2 (energy healing)
  • Reiki Master (energy healing)
  • Certified in Munay Ki Shamanic Rites (energy healing)
A Word From Peggy

“Judy’s insatiable curiosity and patience combined with her quiet nature are superb assets fro teaching. She engenders trust with her horse and rider students by taking the time required for them to learn.”

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