Karen Cheeke

Karen Cheeke
United States (US)

Karen Cheeke About Connected Riding

I have more than 35 years of experience with horses and teaching riding.  When I was introduced to Connected Ground Work and Riding in 2009, I was impressed by Peggy’s biomechanically correct system of developing better posture in both horses and riders. This work has filled in many missing pieces for my students and me.

Dressage is my passion and the focus of my riding, training, and teaching. I believe dressage is basic training for all horses and riders regardless of discipline. I use dressage  to improve my horses’ fitness and ride-ability.  Connected Ground Work and Riding transform the discipline of dressage for me because dressage exercises done in connection are correct, flow easily, and help to maintain a healthy, happy horse.

What Her Program Offers

Karen offers Connected Ground Work and Riding lessons and training of horses used in all disciplines. School horses available.  Her program has an emphasis on safety and building confidence in both riders and horses while having fun working towards their goals.  The horses in Karen’s program are maintained with regular body work, and Connected Groundwork. They are being trained with Connected Riding in dressage, working equitation, jumping, trail riding, and more.

Opportunities available for part-time working students.  Structured learning may be eligible for college credits.

Large outdoor all weather sand and rubber arena and small covered arena. Graveled tracks around property. Short 15 minute haul to mountain trails.

Connected Riding Teaching Preferences

Private, semi-private, group lessons, clinic days, group lectures/demonstrations, and assisting at horse expos. Will travel internationally.

Mentoring in person as well as virtually available. Consistent support and guidance in development of horse and rider.  Good basics and building confidence are key to a fulfilling partnership with your horse.  Learn to bring out the best in your horse and yourself.

Professional Credentials

  • Connected Riding Instructor II
  • Oregon State University Certified Riding Coach
  • Oregon State University Equine Studies
  • Active member:  Oregon Dressage Society, USDF, and USA Working Equitation
  • USDF Bronze Medalist with Bronze Musical Freestyle Bar

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