Melín Farriols

Melín Farriols

Melín Farriols About Connected Riding

Connected Riding helps me to have the purpose to bring awareness and responsibility in the horse world. After doing a lot of courses of horsemanship, I felt clearly that I improve the understanding and handling of horses, but I didn’t have the same sensation while riding. I love dressage and I trained with different dressage teachers, yet I was frustrated because the feeling of it with my horses did not feel right to me to do dressage in that way.

Connected Riding provides me with a set of teaching tools to understand what horses need to be able to be ridden in a biomechanical way and really achieve synchronization with their movements. Now I understand how to train a horse to the foundational principles of dressage, my focus is not the goal to do a test, is the training process I do to achieve it.

It’s a path of life that brings awareness in body, mind, and spirit to connect with horses, and all is very logical, kind, and through Connection, you open a big window to have marvelous sensations with horses.

What My Connected Riding® Program Offers

Melín offers an experience with her PRE horses: observing, being with them, handling, equine education, and Connected Groundwork and Riding to people of all ages and abilities in the format of lessons, workshops, clinics and residencial programs. She will take horses in training.

Her goal is to bring awareness and responsibility in the horse world through handling, groundwork, riding. Also, help riders to have better communication, for a better relationship and increase performance for both horse and rider, specially in dressage.

One on one, small groups, clinic and lesson days, group talks, demonstrations and horse expo presentations. Will travel internationally.

  • Horsemanship
  • Riding instructor level 2
  • Training in dressage
A Word From Peggy

“Melin is an ambassador for demonstrating alternative ways to be with horses in training, competition, and in working with students. She exudes a loving and respectful manner with horses as she shows others how to follow her example through Connection.”

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