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Sandrina Weller
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Sandrina Weller About Connected Riding

Connected Riding transforms how we see and feel our horses and how we perceive and use our own bodies. This creates a fascinating, intensive contact (Connection!) and a reciprocal, dynamic exchange between horse and rider that is much more profound than the result of obedience and learned behaviour.

Only what we have really understood, what we have felt and internalized, we can later implement with and on the horse. Connected Riding sensibly combines riding lessons with Groundwork, work on the line, awareness exercises and Bodywork.  That is riding with all senses on a relaxed and satisfied partner – our horse.

At Connected Riding I found the answers to my questions and learned to rely on and trust my sensations when working with horses. That’s how I want to ride, and that’s how I want to pass on horse riding to others.

What My Connected Riding® Program Offers

Connected Riding Clinics and Workshops –  small groups – all over Oregon

Connected Riding Balancing Workshops – on request at your barn – Oregon

SCR 100 Course – The introduction to the method Connected Riding – this is a requirement to start the CR Instructor education. Course dates on request. Courses at your barn all over Oregon.

Mentoring CR PIT’s  (after SCRT102) – I am participating in the CR Mentoring program. We support Pit’s during their CR education to anchor their skills, prepare and write their case-studies and get ready for their exam.

Zoom Mentoring for CR Students – This is long-distance support on Zoom. Students can share their videos, questions and ideas and get long-distance support. It can also help participants of our CR workshops who don’t have regular access to a CR Instructor. It also keeps students “on track” if there are rainy days or specific questions in between Clinics or Lesson days.

Connected Riding and Coaching – Coaching CR students to support the transformational shift of self-awareness which is provided by doing CR work. This work opens previously undiscovered inner places. I encourage people to find out what this means in their learning and how they can integrate their new awareness into their horse work and daily life.

Connected Riding Clinics and Workshops in small groups all over Oregon

Connected Riding single lessons on request

Connected Riding Mentoring for Pit’s and CR students

  • Connected Riding Instructor II
  • Systemic Integrative Life Coach  SIC –
A Word From Peggy

“Sandy is very clear, focused, and deliberate in her teaching, making it easy for her students to learn. She is a kind and supportive teacher!”

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