Sue Falkner-March

Sue Falkner-March

Sue Falkner-March About Connected Riding

As a teacher, Connected Riding has given me many wonderful tools to support physical and mental well-being in rider and horse, at the same time that its concepts are promoting increased athletic ability for the horse.
As a rider, Connected Riding has given me unique and highly effective tools to help my horse comfortably come into self carriage, free of tension and compression.

What My Connected Riding® Program Offers

Connected Riding and Groundwork to all disciplines with a background of Centered Riding. TTEAM Clinics with Connected Groundwork. Connected Groundwork for humans. Helping individual owners retrain horses with physical or behavioural issues, using techniques from Connected Riding and Groundwork, Centered Riding, the TTEAM method and Clicker Training. Application of Alexander Technique principals in working with riders’ postural awareness.

Clinics for small or large groups, private and group lessons , horse training and retraining with the owner involved, group talks, lectures, presentations, demos, horse expo.

  • Connected Riding Instructor
  • Centered Riding Level 4 Clinician/Instructor
  • TTEAM Practitioner II
  • Certified Farrier-Olds College
  • Riding Instructor & Horsemanship Course Okanagan College
A Word From Peggy

“Sue is a very conscientious, empathic teacher who ensures the safety and comfort of horse, rider, and learning environment. She is a caring teacher who pays close attention to the needs of her students.”

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