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Connected Riding
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Trudy Affleck Über Connected Riding

“Creating understanding between humans and their horses”

My background as a human physiotherapist and my certifications as Connected Riding® Instructor, Connected Bodywork Instructor, and Senior Tellington TTouch® Practitioner (P3) all come together to enhance my fascination with the way the body works and the relationship between movement and function.

Through the integration of Connected Riding® and Tellington TTouch® methods I can work with both horse and human on the ground and in the saddle to show them a different way of being mentally, emotionally and physically. This develops self-awareness, creates self-control and brings self-confidence and empowerment through the acquisition of skills in a safe learning environment.

My work helps people to change their perspective on a situation, which in turn changes their associated emotion. This can lead to a more positive and empowering experience for both human and horse, as they gain new skills and abilities to work together through freedom and understanding.

Kurse & Lehrgänge mit Trudy Affleck

31. Mai 2024
- 3. Juni 2024
Peggy's Kurs
1. Juni 2024
- 1. Juni 2024
53639, Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Peggy's Kurs
5. Juni 2024
- 12. Juni 2024
South of Spain, Spain, Spanien
Peggy's Kurs
15. Juni 2024
- 16. Juni 2024
Brinkworth , UK, Vereinigtes Königreich
Peggy's Kurs
20. Juni 2024
- 22. Dezember 2023
Monmouth, South Wales, Vereinigtes Königreich
Peggy's Kurs
31. August 2024
- 2. September 2024
Peggy's Kurs
7. September 2024
- 8. September 2024
(Ort: Alt Sammit), Krakow am See, Deutschland
Peggy's Kurs
13. September 2024
- 15. September 2024
Germany, Germany, Deutschland
Peggy's Kurs
26. September 2024
- 30. September 2024
Mark , Falkenhagen (Mark), Deutschland
Peggy's Kurs

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