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Vanda Oosterhuis About Connected Riding

When I met Peggy in 1998 for the first time when I stayed in the USA, I knew that this was a great method. When several years later I had the opportunity to go to Peggy’s clinics with in Germany and bring my own horse, I was very happy to learn so many great new things that fitted perfectly to everything I was doing and teaching. I appreciate that you not only focus on the rider or the horse, but you work with both, “connect” them.

I like new input for my riding and teaching and every time I go to a clinic I learn new things. The focus on the core and and finding better balance, improved my riding greatly. Not only my riding improved, I also have many more “tools” to help and work with my clients.

I especially love because I like doing groundwork and the more possibilities I have to train a horse the better.

What My Connected Riding® Program Offers

Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork to all disciplines, including gaited horses, with a background of classical dressage. Tellington TTouch clinics with Connected Groundwork (TTEAM-Connect). Connected Groundwork for humans. Helping individual owners retrain horses with physical or behavioral issues.

One-on-one lessons, workshops, clinics for small groups, private lessons, and trailrides on my own horses.

  • Connected Riding Practitioner 1
  • Centered Riding Clinician Level 3
  • Tellington TTouch Practitioner 3
A Word From Peggy

“I appreciate Vanda’s curiosity and dedication to learning as well as her ongoing support for offering the work in the Netherlands.”

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