Management Team

Connected Riding

Stephanie Jacobson

Operations Manager

  • Oversight of Clinic & Course Request and Bookings
  • Oversight of Marketing, Advertising, Events
  • Oversight of Online Shop
  • Oversight of Peggy’s Schedule
  • Oversight of general day to day Operations


Connected Riding

Susan Cook

“I first met Peggy in 1992 when I audited one of her riding clinics. With my background in counseling and education, I was astounded how Peggy’s teaching style was not only changing their riding, it was also impacting these riders on a much deeper level. I realized then that Peggy and I shared a passion for touching peoples’ lives in meaningful and transformative ways. I saw how simple it was to reach people through their love for their horses and riding. I was so enthused, that I wanted to contribute in some way to help Peggy promote her work and share her message.”

“I share the belief with Peggy that this work is our calling — it is our service to help all of us become more aware, kinder to ourselves and more empowered through the art of Connected Riding.”

Susan Cook is the co-founder of Connected Enterprises, Inc. and the School of Connected Riding® with Peggy Cummings. Susan oversees all of the business functions by coordinating all of the projects needed to maintain and grow the work, the business, and the volunteers who devote their time to this mission. Susan also collaborates with Peggy in developing and maintaining the international CR instructor teaching team.

Susan brings her training and livelihood as a life coach to the CR business too, as well as having her own coaching practice, Coaching to Connection.

“What Peggy does to help horse and rider biomechanically break through stuck places in their bodies, Susan does with the riders’ perceptions and beliefs – helping them break through stuck places in their minds to greater success and freedom, “ says a former rider.

“Susan´s coaching work has helped me not only in my personal growth, but her work has also made a difference in the growth of my business,” says Peggy. “She’s helped me connect the dots in finding my path to reach my goals. Working behind the scenes, Susan has been crafting the Connected Riding organization into what it is today.”

Connected Riding

Sandrina Weller

  • CR Project Manager – Oversight of CR curriculum and member-related work projects with Peggy Cummings, Susan Cook, and other CR volunteers and contractors: Christina Dietmann, Judy Good, Conni Schneider
  • DE/U.S. Liaison: Representative serving on CR Leadership Council, Trustee Circle, CR German Association Board Member
  • Lead translator for CR materials English to German, including acting editor for the CR German Newsletter.

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