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Robyn about Connected Riding

Though I’ve known Peggy since the 80’s, what has really stuck with me was one particular demo at an expo in the 1990’s. A high headed, “Bridle-lame” Arabian came in as Peggy’s demo horse. After a few minutes of work on the ground, Peggy mounted and with the tiniest changes in her own posture, Peggy was able to switch the horse between its initial posture of dysfunction and a released, soft and sound posture. This experience showed me how powerful the riders own self could be in influencing and helping horses under saddle.

What Robyn's Program Offers

Robyn spends over half of the year on the road teaching the Tellington TTouch Method for Horse and Companion animals on 4 continents. She incorporates the principles of Connected Groundwork for humans and horses, and even brings the work to dogs, as well as riding concepts as a compliment to the Tellington TTouch method. She finds the Connected Groundwork for humans incredibly powerful for being a more present, effective, and subtle handler for all animals.

Connected Riding Teaching Preferences

Robyn does not formally teach Connected Riding in lesson settings. As a Senior Instructor of the Tellington TTouch Method, Robyn incorporates key principles of Connected Riding at all of her trainings for both horses and Companion Animals.