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Cat Wilton

Cat Wilton | Practitioners

Neighbourne, Somerset, United Kingdom

Cat about Connected Riding

I first sat on a horse when I was 10 years old and I was hooked from that moment. I spent all of my time at local riding schools working to earn rides. I was always someone considered brave enough to sit on the difficult horses, but creating an outline never came easy to me. I remember a boy at my riding school called Peter and he was such an amazing rider, natural talent and I always wondered what it was that he was doing that I wasn’t.

When I met Peggy in 2004 my journey of discovery into how the patterns of bracing and locked movement in my body were not allowing any horse to move freely. We expect our horses to just perform as we want, to do the job we want them to do and to just get on with it without any fuss. Connected Riding gives you the tools to think for yourself, to work out what to do to help yourself and your horse to achieve your goals, to not follow the pack and do what someone else told you to do. It allows you to build a phenomenal relationship with your horse and to work together as a partnership that is built on development of self – both you and your horse. Connected Riding has taught me to keep asking why and to keep exploring ideas to be better.

What Cat Offers

Connected Riding and Groundwork on a 1:1 basis for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their horse, but in particular those who have become fearful and are finding their horse too much to handle. I am also a Bowen therapist and Equine Bowen therapist in training and would expect that these treatments would be part of any training plan. I do not currently have my own facilities so would travel to you.

Connected Riding Teaching Preferences

CR lessons on a 1:1 basis

Professional Credentials

Connected Riding Practitioner 1

TTEAM Practitioner 1

Bowtech registered Bowen Therapist

Equine Bowen therapy in training