4 EquiScentials Travel Bottles




Gift Pack consist of all four (4) of the EquiScentials Travel Bottles (4 oz ea):
– EquiCoat Body Wash
– Coat Cleaner
– Coat Enhancer
– Coat Finisher

EquiCoat Body Wash ~ Combination Shampoo & Conditioner
Cleans while conditioning
Low sudsing for easy rinsing
Brings out the natural gloss & color of the hair

Coat Cleaner ~ A Stain & Spot Remover
A “Rinseless” Shampoo for rapid cleanup
Leaves the coat soft with a natural shine
All season use 

Coat Enhancer ~ A Natural Moisturizer 
Reduces itching, tail rubbing, & rolling
Prevents static charge while grooming
Moisturizes and softens dry, brittle hair

Coat Finisher ~ A Leave-in Polish & Detangler
Gives a distinctive shine for the show ring 
Excellent detangler for mane & tail 
Minimizes the attraction of dust & filth 



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4 EquiScentials Travel Bottles